Till Eternity And Beyond

Hello everyone,

I'm beginning a new story... hopefully, to be updated frequently, the way I love to do.

Stay tuned. Expect an update soon.

My muse continue to be Parth and Niti, no matter what names I choose for them. I am unable to see the same power in any other couple...
And if ever I had enough money to make a film, I'd cast them as my leads...hahaha!!


Major (Dr.) Sameer Singh Rathore - Posted at Military Hospital, Jodhpur - He is a dedicated, passionate, brave young doctor from an Army family whose life revolves around the army.


Dr. Ragini Rajput - Beautiful, graceful and brave doctor. Her only dream in life is to get settled as a doctor, be happy in small mercies of life and become an army doctor's wife. Sameer to be precise. She has grown up believing that she will get married to Sameer, who is her uncle's son, and will live happily ever after.

What happens when fate has its say and decides to test whether they belong together or not?

I will post whether you read it or not 😀 So, I am not going to ask if you are going to read it.

It will be updated once a week till I finish Beyond Every Border, and Tangles and Ties.

Stay tuned for more.

Love you all.


(Also, a small request - can any of you please make a cover for this story? I don't have time right now, so I want any of you to do it.)



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