I had to make this announcement post as I constantly live in a fear that readers will get irked by my constant notifications and leave me…

So please, if it bugs you, switch off the notifications for this blog ( you can do that from settings!)

This post is to prepare you for the same ( next few bombardments of chapters of different stories tonight… )

Also to clarify some points regarding this blog which I am still trying to understand.

  1. I’m not sure why some of you are not able to comment or like the chapters… I have switched off every obstacle that stops readers from doing it. Still…Let me know what troubles you are facing.
  2. I will start updating Twisted Minds on Monday… and will update one part every day from the beginning till it is completed.
  3. All bold updates will be password protected on this blog. I will send the password on email as notifications. You can share it with your friends. It is not to restrict the update… it is to stop it from that part to be picked up by search engines and to avoid the needless traffic that doesn’t belong here.
  4. I’m not making this blog private right now, as a lot of readers are not able to create an account here and have problem with signing in. But I get every ip address when it is clicked on any page of this blog. Any untoward activity and I will know it. Please support me, behave well 🙂 and avoid getting blocked. It wasn’t a threat. It’s a request :))
  5. Bold parts are password protected means first 12 parts of Fire and Ice are protected. Which I will start posting tomorrow. Let me know if you got this notification on mail. If you did, you will get a password tomorrow… for both Fire & Ice and the next update of Tangles and Ties…

Remember – It is TOMORROW!!!!

Don’t message me to say that you didn’t receive any password as I HAVE NOT sent any :)))

Love you people… With you, I will definitely go crazy like you all are…

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Manita V

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