The Masquerade: Giveaway!

Hello dear friends, Hope you are having a good day! I’m here to announce the giveaway winners of The Masquerade. It has been delayed as there were Covid19 restrictions and we couldn’t manage to get the courier services streamlined to deliver books at different places. As many of you have already bought the book, in case the winners have the […]

The Masquerade: Announcements

Hello everyone, This is what I meant when I said that I will be posting some announcements regarding The Masquerade. As you all know, *The Masquerade* is my debut novel and I am very very very nervous as I am excited for this project. I wrote it for 4 months and and edited it for 1 year. It saw all […]

Book Teaser 4: The Masquerade

Hello People, Thank you for the tremendous response to my previous teasers. It really really means a lot since I am just doing my bit to spread around a word about my book. To all those, who think they have read Twisted Minds on wattpad – there is a surprise – The book didn’t end there and it was only […]

The Masquerade: Sample Chapter 4

4 ‘I was being stalked. Who was he? Rudra? Was he following me? But why? Rudra appeared genuine and he left the clinic gracefully. Why would he do so?’ ‘Then, who if not him? An admirer? A psychologically unstable patient? A serial killer? Should I tell di and dadababu about it? No, they’ll be worried.’ Mrinalini was quiet for a […]

The Masquerade: Sample Chapter 3

  3   Twelve years is too long a time when spent away from people you care about. Too short, when asked how well you remember them. ‘Was he even there? In flesh and blood?’ Mrinalini wondered. He could very well be another hallucination of hers. She had been getting them more frequently these days. The frown on his face, […]

The Masquerade: Sample Chapter 2

  2   October 2017 Cremona, Italy Cremona, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, boasting of an enormous cultural heritage and a socially rich legacy, woke up to a lazy winter morning to witness the sunshine tearing through the darkness of the receding cold night. The ancient Gothic architecture, the unique pattern of similar-looking buildings, and the deserted […]

The Masquerade: Sample Chapter 1

  1   February 2016 New York   It is always difficult to judge what deceives a human being the most. The heart that believes all instincts, devoid of any logic. Or the mind that is mighty enough to create any logic that justifies its fancy beliefs. Mrinalini stopped writing. Not because she was short of words. No. In fact, […]

The Masquerade: I have to share this!!!💃

So, I have been posting on Instagram and Twitter since morning. But I know that a lot of you are not on Insta and Twitter and some too busy to check either, so this is the place that I have to share all my excitement, happiness, nervousness, and gratitude!! I was not expecting this and I am too shocked. I […]

Something Interesting: Reg. The Masquerade

Hey friends, Thank you so much for the tremendous, amazing response to my debut novel The Masquerade which is now available on major e-portals for both national and international distribution. I have posted the links on the official page of the book – Two things that I wanted to tell here were — Buy Ebook if you do – […]

Podcast. Episode 2: The Masquerade

I am posting the Episodes 2 of the podcast of The Masquerade. My novel – The Masquerade is now available on amazon and major eportals, for both India and overseas distribution. The write up of sample chapter follows each podcast. You can also listen to them at I am trying to post them on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in video […]

Podcasts. The Masquerade: Episode 1

  Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: The Masquerade: Episode 1   The above are the few sample pages that I am reading over podcasts in an episode format. Hope you like them. You can also read them below.  1   February 2016 New York  It is always difficult to judge what deceives a human being the […]

The Masquerade: Cover Launch

Hey All, Thank you and love you – each and every one of you – for standing by me through thick and thin. This book wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support and motivation of all of you, friends and readers, who promise to read everything I write, give feedback, and help me improve my skills. Launching The Cover […]

The Masquerade: Beta Readers

Hello lovely people, Apologies for the delay… It has been an overwhelming time… I started reading the book all over again because I am really nervous and jittery… I hope I haven’t spoiled it 😀 Thank you for the response to the post for inviting beta-readers. There were total of 205 people (WHOA!!!!) who volunteered ( 148 here + 57 […]

The Masquerade: A Journey Part 1.

As promised, I’m here with the first installment of the journey of how my first book  came into shape. It makes me emotional as this book – *The Masquerade* – is very special to me, very precious for several reasons – One, it is my first attempt in a genre that adds mystery and thriller elements to a love story. […]

Beta Readers Invited for The Masquerade

Hello dear readers, It was long back, almost a year ago, when I had invited beta readers for The Masquerade – my debut novel. But then my book took multiple revisions, faced a lot of issues and after nearly 5 edits and deletions, it is now in shape of a novel. Meanwhile, my readers got married, had babies, joined colleges […]

The Masquerade: My Debut Novel

I write about my debut novel The Masquerade here – The journey during it’s making. The writing and the publishing process. The making of trailers and creatives.  Cover launch. Quizzes. Giveaway announcements. And MORE… Drop ALL the questions that you want to ask, on ANY of the posts under this category and  I will answer them with the next post. […]

Teaser 1: Rudra Raghuvanshi – The Masquerade

Hello Everyone, As announced previously, I’m here with my Teaser 1: Rudra Raghuvanshi: The Masquerade Please watch this teaser – It is posted on Youtube on my channel – Manita V Please share it with your friends and close ones. It’s like my baby taking his first steps into the unknown world – The question for today is —  Which […]

Book Teaser 3: ‘Cremona: The City’ The Masquerade

Hello everyone, It’s another Sunday – A day that belongs to The Masquerade Thank you for your response to the teasers. I have to admit that I love making these teasers. They keep me connected to the world of The Masquerade – The world of Rudra and Mrinalini. 2-3 more small teasers and then I will share longer trailers. Glad […]

Teaser 2: Dr. Mrinalini Sengupta – The Masquerade

Hello everyone, As I have already warned you before – Sundays are my shameless promotion days. Rest of the days, I try not to bug people with my promos but Sundays are The Masquerade days 😀 So, I am here again — This is the second teaser of the book- It’s about the female protagonist – Dr. Mrinalini Sengupta. The […]


Hello everyone, Apologies for disappearing after my Instagram live. I was juggling with some chores, had poor internet connectivity, didn’t write anything worth sharing so I didn’t come here. I was not sure if The Masquerade will be released on 15th so I delayed the podcasts too. Today, it was Sunday. I was comparatively free. So, I am trying to […]


Hey all, Thank you a million bunch for the smashing response to the launch of Cover and Official page of The Masquerade. I knew that the cover and the blurb of The Masquerade are good and I will do justice to them. But I didn’t expect THIS BIG and incredible response from the readers and friends. I am Overwhelmed. I […]

Sign Up for the Free Book Giveaway

Grab the chance to win a free book TWITTER Follow and RT The Pinned tweet Instagram Follow and Share The Giveaway Post GOODREADS Follow FACEBOOK Follow and Share The Giveaway Post Simple Steps To Be Followed Avail the chance to own a free copy of The Masquerade:  Follow the steps given as checklist.  Then fill up the contact form and […]

A Small Note

Hey everyone, Sorry, I am absent here and not even replying to people. Actually, few days back, I received the final draft of my book – The Masquerade from the publisher for Last and Final Check where I am supposed to check each and every line for the go-ahead! And you have no idea what kind of torture it is. […]

Love & Gratitude Forever!

    ‘Magic is all around us! We just need to have our minds attuned to accept the way the world unfolds its mysteries before us. And we will witness miracles happening around us! Never underestimate the power of your dreams. Never allow others to think and dream for you. And most of all – Never stop believing in your […]

Thank you

Hello Everyone, So, this post is basically to thank you for your responses to the last part of Beyond Every Border. I haven’t been able to reply to you as I keep losing internet at night. So, I decided that I will do it in the morning. It has been an amazing journey to just BE with you all. Writing […]

Blog Issues…

Hello everyone, I am getting a lot of emails and messages that people are not able to see the latest uploads or last few parts of BEB. I can’t reply to each one separately, so I am making this post. I have not removed any parts of BEB or any sections from the blog. In case, you are unable to see […]


“I believe in vibes. I believe in energy. And I believe in collective energy of human spirit. Thanks for connecting with me. ” Manita V author AVAILABLE NOW THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF THE MASQUERADE CLICK HERE TO ENTER CLICK TO READ THE BLURB OF THE BOOK, WATCH VIDEOS, TRAILERS, CREATIVESS, POSTERS, READ THE SAMPLE CHAPTER Author of 9 online novels […]

News 💃

So, the title and the dancing emoticon will tell you that I am happy, excited, nervous – all at once – with this news. The Masquerade is listed – Yes, yes, yes!!!! 💃💃💃 I have literally NO Words – No words!! No emoticons!! I tried searching for GIFS – They are none that can describe me actually. I can freaking […]

About My Works In Fiction

Hello, dear people, Welcome to my #fridayconnect post. It always feels so lovely to talk to you. Today, I will be talking to you about my works. I get repeated requests over mails and in my social media DMs to make available my previous works. Like any other writer, even I write for readers and it is no fun for […]

Lockdown Glitches

Hello everyone, As I posted yesterday, life is getting a bit hectic and mostly chaotic at my end. My area is in the red zone of Covid-19 and my own society is in containment area with a curfew being monitored by 2 policemen since there was one Covid-19 positive case in my lane. We are safe and all is well. […]

New story & Old ones.

Hello everyone, Hope all of you are fine and safely quarantined inside your home. Please, please, please stay inside until and unless it is very very very very urgent and you have to step out. And when you do, please ensure that you and your family follow ALL safety precautions. We are going through a tough time. Hope it passes […]

All That We Have…

Good evening everyone, Like I posted last night that I had lots of things to share… so here I am!! To share all that is going in my life and keep you updated with the developments at the book front, different blogs, and everything else in my life. First thing first, I have hopefully replied to everyone on the last […]


Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing fine. I strongly believe that we manifest our destiny by positive or negative thinking. I have always, always believed in this. Not just thinking, but speaking and believing in something manifests it in its extreme form. So, by consistently saying that 2020 is the worse year, we are making it worst. […]

My Corner – Adieu 2019

Hello, my dear lovely friends, It feels so good to write to you after a long gap. The last 3 months have been the most difficult days of my life but I’m glad that I am able to deal with the situations in a better manner. Every dark day teaches you something… every tough time prepares you well for the […]

Let’s Catch Up…

Hey everyone, This post is just a random post in ‘my corner’… mainly because I was missing you guys 🙂 It has been long since I actually wrote a personal post which was not an update. Every time, when I felt like writing a post, some, or the other issue arose and it got delayed. Sometimes, I try to reply […]

Chat Post!

Hey all, This is nothing special. Just a simple chat post 🤗 Of late, I have been very very busy with so many things going around me. And I was planning for so long to talk to all of you about how you have been, if everything is fine at your end, how is the lockdown/Covid19/opening up treating you… Hope […]

21/04/2020 – Hello

Hello, dear lovely people, I hope all of you are doing well. I pray for the health, safety, and well being of you and your families. We are going through tough times and the only way we can sail through these days is by maintaining patience, hope, and faith in God. Everything will be fine in a few weeks. Just […]

Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Obstacles

Hello dear friends, I’m exploring different options to embark on a new journey towards my efforts at writing. Hoping to receive the same love here as well, like the one you gave me at the previous website holding fiction for me. I didn’t want to shift the platform. I was attached to the connect I had with my readers there. […]

Give It Time

  Hard times are those storms that shower endlessly and leave only when they either break a person or find him too tough to be broken. Blessed are those who know how to deal with changing circumstances, difficult situations, harsh times, and tough people. Rest of us, learn with time, as we get hurt, take steps to deal with the […]

Beyond Every Border: Chapter 40: Love

He had tried hard, not to fall in love with her. And he had been successful. Until now… And now, he didn’t even know if it was any worth to try harder, anymore! …………………… Anshuman knew that there was no point in trying to fight with himself anymore. It wasn’t worth it. He knew that he had fallen in love […]

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